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Thread: Help With A Song Please

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    I heard this song a while back and its pissin me off cause no searches work for it. It must be unreleased i guess. I only heard it in a buddies car i was in so i never got the title. But i think its probably a Gangstarr and Sadat X song. The only part i know is the chorus. it goes like this:

    "We got that hot shit, new shit, fly shit shit" then kinda repeats

    they just say shit alot in the chorus but its a dope song tho.

    so thanks in advance but if you cant help me id appreciate no other commments thank you

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    i found it
    thanks for nothing

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    i never saw the original post to this, can you tell us the title please, i might download it if it's any good

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    the song should be called
    Big Daddy Kane/ Sadat X/ Gangstarr/ feat. Greg Nice - Hot Shit
    but its off of a 'Phat Beats Compilation' mixtape by the D&D Allstars
    type in 'beats compilation' under search and let auto search go for a minute
    i like the song, when i first heard it in my buddies car i didnt even think much of it until the chorus came in
    if you get it youll know what im talking about


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