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Thread: slow bit torrent downloads lately

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    ive been experiencing slow torrent down speeds lately but it only seems to be with games -_-.

    i downloaded halo yesterday and that wasnt going too fast.

    today im downloading nfsu2 and its the same.

    i think theyre both on diffrent trackers too so i dont think thats the problem :-s.

    ive tried disabling zone alarm but i dont think that helps much, i currently use avast AV (doubt that has anything to do with it but oh well)

    and for torrents i use azureus, so can anyone help me out here?

    is it just some lil demon on my comp that makes me want to wait forever to get games

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    Are you a leecher?
    What's your share-ratio? it affects your dl-speed, as also does your upload speed.
    Are you connectable? Have you opened ports for bt to your router/nat/firewall if you have one?
    And what is the amount of seeders and leechers on the dl's?
    If there just isn't enough peers, then you can't get good speeds...

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    Actually, I've noticed this myself. And not just generally, i mean from Demonoid and SuperTorrents too.

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    no im a seeder, not one of the best seeders but a very reasonable one.

    share-ratio doesnt count (got them off torrentspy etc)

    it has 100's of seeders and leecers too


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    and also this is the current torrent i am downloading >

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    If you want good speeds you're going to have to try out a private site. In general public trackers dont compare to private. Mainly due to the fact on public people are throttling their upload while in a private you need to seed to keep up a decient ratio.

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    yes but the problem is i cant find a decent game tracker which has all them great games and some rare ones in there cabinets.

    ps: plz dont suggest blacvkcats as they are crap lol

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    Your torrent is not hosted by Torrentspy. It is on a commumity tracker at

    Link through them and it may improve matters. I hit 80Kbps after 10 minutes. (PS I have a share ratio on this site of 2.5)
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    When all else fails - read the instructions!!!

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    Torrentspy sucks, but It's usefull sometimes to find other trackers. Once you find them you should always download through them.

    Why? cause most people have thier client set to not accept external links from other then the tracker they are on. (I beleive it's the default setting for Azureus and most other clients).

    Why don't people change the setting? If you are seeding to someone external from your tracker chances are they are a leecher and also you don't get any upload credit towards your account at your tracker (well I beleive thats how it works with most sites).

    Actually, thinking about it, if are going to continue to use external-link sites like Torrentspy and if you have not done so, you may want to make sure your client is set to accept external links. Won't help if the other guys not set up the same, but you may get a few more connections.

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    You'll want to join a private site Also alot safer

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