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    I found the place to buy cheap unlimitted webspace but I don't have a credit card. I'm thinking of uploading games for everyone that hates corrupted files to download. Reply this or email to [email protected]

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    does the place accept paypal?

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    They only accept credit card.

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    you can always ask a friend if you can charge it on them... get them to put in the # and such, then just pay them in cash...

    i'm still in high-school and i use my parents card once in a while

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    Not sure what you're asking here. It's a great idea, but are you expecting a forum member to give you their credit card details? Good luck with that one...

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    No, I need someone to pay for webspace for me and I'll pay it back.

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    You can have my credit card details

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    Please be aware that cheap webspace, in most of the cases is very unreliable and slow, so make sure that you dont get ripped of

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    Who do you think you are tryin to get someone to buy it for you???

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    You just want people to pay fer ya site... Well guess what, no one will! Anyways, if anyone wants to pay for my site (or just want to get screwed) then please send all information about your credit card to me!


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