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Thread: Need Help Why has winxp changed like this?

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    When I press Ctrl+al+delete it acts like the Win 2000 way instead of just going straight to task manager can someone tell me why? I haven't even done anything. I want it back to how it was.

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    Just press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and that takes you straight to task manager or right click on the task and the bottom and go to it that way.

    Now this should be in softwareworld and i want my post added on for the help.

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    double post sorry
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    Nah that wasn't the answer I was asking for I figured it out I had to go into control panel and go to users then press "change how users login" and had to check them cause they weren't checked.
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    it does that too with mine sometimes but not always
    i use process explorer now instead - it has more options and with a simple clik in prefs replaces windows taskmanager when you clik ctrlaltdel

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    imasoldier - can you read?


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