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Thread: UDP vs. HTTP

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    Checked the stickied FAQ's, couldn't find an answer, maybe i'm stupid.

    Whats the difference between a UDP tracker and a HTTP tracker? I'm sometimes presented with a choice.

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    found this:

    One advantage of UDP compared to http is that UDP messages are more compact and generate considerably less traffic.

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    Short answer, it's just a different protocal. Supposed to save bandwidth.

    I don't think all clients accept it. I know the latest Azureus does.

    I tested it versus HTTP on a torrent from Demonoid a long time ago. Seemed to get better download speeds but could have been due to other things (like my imagination).

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    Excellent, thanks.

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    doesn't udp not use windowing? so it should be faster because of that?
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    More streamlined, geared more towards data transfer.

    Kinda FTP:// with better compatability.

    Thats what I gather with a few reads.

    I is not no engurner tho.

    I'm good with lego's.
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    UDP is "connectionless". That means you simply send the packet to its destination. If it doesn't arrive then it is lost, tough luck. If a response is required, that is another packet. Maximum 2 packets.

    The alternative is TCP (not HTTP). TCP is connection oriented. You have to set up a connection (4 packets I think), send the data and receive the acknowledgement (2 more packets). If a response is required that's another 2 packets. Then the connection has to be closed (another 4 packets I believe). That's a total of at least 10 packets to send data to the tracker. Since it is only unimportant informational data that's a lot of overhead, especially for the tracker.

    Just to be clear, HTTP may be used (I haven't looked into it that deeply) but since HTTP is a datastream protocol which is sent over a TCP connection it is the TCP which causes the overhead.
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    It's just refered to as:

    Download via HTTP: Tracker
    Download via UDP: Tracker

    on demonoid, (beleive thats where the question stemed from)

    HTTP uses TCP so I guess thats why they say it that way.


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