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Thread: protowall help

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    first of all my problem is that when i try to load protowall (the stable and the beta(tried both))

    it gives me the message

    ***protowall.sys is not loaded
    install the driver then reload this app***

    when i installed it i had all boxes ticked so what the hell is all this about.

    secondly whats protowall like for bittorrent (eg. interferance)

    thirdly, does it interfere with online games like peer guardian? (i have to disable peer guardian to play games online and stuff)


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    with ProtoWall you have to install the driver manually, which is a bit of a pain.

    Start > Connect To > Show all connections
    right click (on the connection that you use) > Properties > Networking > Install

    there are instructions on their website, but I found them very confusing

    I've been using it for about a month and it seems to work very good (and fast)

    don't know about online games, i suppose it depends which filter-lists you use.


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