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Thread: Domain Registry Of America :s

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    Im sure others have seen this and it may have even been posted. A letter appeard in the mail saying domain was due for payment altough at incrediblly inflated rate form like five a year to twenty five. Being the first renewal it was first thought maybe thats how they to business to get you in and then inflate the fees.

    At a closer glance it was not the company the service was through but yet some company that gets your info and just sends out statements seeing who they get. Of course if read through it all terms that you can sign with whoever you want and such are there and that you dont have to with them and so froth.

    I just found it very sleezy and thought I would post in case others happen to see one of these...
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    yea your right that is sleezy

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    i got one of those letters! at first glance i assumed it was from the domain registrar that i already use, but then i realized "hey waitaminit! that ain't my registrar, and they're claiming my domain registration's going to expire soon when it's actually still good for a few more months." sleazy bastards, indeed.
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    A scam, with the american flag as the logo? Never!

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