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Thread: Half Life 2 Collectors Edition DVD read nfo PROViSiON

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    I get the problem mentioned before - when I start the actual HL2-installation, the 'next' and 'close' buttons won't respond. This is NOT in the liscence agreement window, but the first one you get up in the actual installation of the game itself (i.e the one with the text 'Welcome to the Half Life(R)2 Installation wizard' and so on). Could anyone help?

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    Not sure, my version installs fine, where did you download it from? Have you tried it on a different computer?

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    Yeah tried on another computer same driving me nuts?! Was it straightfoward just installed stream and then Half life? Wow i envy you

    Downloaded from PirateBay Torrent
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    Nope, don't need to install Steam for this version, you just run the installer. Have you installed steam? Try uninstalling Steam then installing the game, that might be the problem.

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    No Luck i am afraid, uninstalled stream just say thing of not responding to my next or cancel commands


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    Got it to work thanks for the help........Installed a fresh copy of windows Xp service pack 2....Great!

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    Download Steam Down, then you can download all games, hell im even playing CSS on cracked servers.

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    thanks for the tip looks good


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