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Thread: Burning Cloned Cds Using Clone Cd

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    How do i burn a clone cd file? It is a rar. file and when i opened it using winRAR ithere were 3 files a ccd. img. and a sub.
    I have the CloneCD app, but how do i use it to burn these files to disk?

    BTW im slow with comps so please try to make the instructions understandable for a 2 year old, who has a brain disorder, and is drunk

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    Here's instruction step by step:

    1. Start CloneCD
    2. Click "Write from ImageFile"
    3. Click "Browse" & select the .ccd file
    4. Select your CD Writer & Write Speed & Write profile
    5. Click "OK" & wait

    I hope it's written easy enought. If not I'll answer your questions.


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    yeap, perfect, thanks a lot

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    I think that shld work but there is another way....

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    do tell


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