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Thread: reccomend me a cheap isp in the uk

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    im currently on 256k service for 15 p/m.

    their next step up is 1mbps for 24 p/m but i want something cheaper than that without any caps or no restrictions at all

    ive also read recently about some kind of speed cap their bringing in.

    so can anyone reccomend me a cheaper and better provider maybe?

    what is eclipse internet like if anyone knows? (google: eclipse internet)

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    Yorkshire, England
    Freedom2surf, 2Mb/s
    2GB cap, 15/month
    10GB cap, 20/month
    50GB 100GB now uncapped, 25/month

    All prices inc vat.

    When your exchange is enabled (should be before end of year) you can increase the speed to 8Mb/s for a one-off payment of 17.63, and continue to pay the same each month.
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