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Thread: Image Of .avi Is "f*****"

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    I downloaded some .avi movies and installed k-lite codec pack .
    Some of them are working but others the image is moving fast in each way.
    Its not fun to watch it like that .
    The image tends to freeze.
    Can someone help me?
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    try uninstalling all other codecs, make sure that the 'dixv player' or what ever you use is the only thing running.

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    I herd abt this before. There is a codec that can do this. I dont think it is in the k-lite one but hv you evr downloaded nimo codec packs? If you havnt it may be the file.

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    I uninstalled all codecs and then installed again K-lite Codec pack , and all the problems were fixed .
    having fun with girls - thats all about my friend


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