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Thread: Windows Vista and my PC.

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    First of all, Hi everyone,
    how´ve you been?...

    Ok, as allways with me, Im tempted by this new vertion of Windows (and I know its still a beta),
    but altough I´ve heard things about its un-compativility with current software and hardware, many things still aren't so clear for me...

    I have this PC:
    -AMD Sempron 2800 2GHz
    -512 RAM
    -80GB HD
    -ATI AllInWonder 9600 128
    -19¨ ViewSonic Monitor.

    and Im currently using the next programs
    with no truble at all:
    - Windows Xp SP2 (my OS)
    - Office 2003
    - Corel GraphicSuite 12
    - Norton SystemWorks 2005
    - ARES
    - Bittorrent with Azureus
    - Divx (and variables)
    - games as...
    -- Halo
    -- SW Republic Commando
    -- SW Battlefront
    -- Half Life 2
    - And many othere lesser aplications
    like video and audio converters, etc.

    Ok, my point is, will I be able to do all this using the beta vertions of ¨Vista¨
    that you can find on ¨the web¨ ?
    How extensive are compativility probles with it?, if there actually are.
    will my monitor work with Vista?, cus I heard somewhere that it will be for
    HD Monitors... see, Im confused.

    Im not expecting all the answers, just any info you might have on the subject, based on your own experieces or things you´ve heard.
    Thanks guys!

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    Why don't "you" try it and be the guinea pig ?,1895,1843945,00.asp

    I was teasing about the test subject crack , but yes your monitor would work .
    I think it means HD = High Definition , but you would just being missing out on some of the visual goodies that Vista is bragging about.
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