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Thread: Why do people use this network?

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    I seriously want to know. The queues are so long that I have to wait weeks before I get anything. Even when I do, I am automatically shoved back to #4981 after about five or so megs downloaded. False servers with bogus files outnumber the decent ones, and every user I've ever contacted is a serial leecher. Connection speeds are roughly 0.02 KB/s

    Yet, despite all of that, this is the most popular network. Yes, I can see why people wouldn't use, say, fasttrack or bittorrent instead, but there are much better networks for free. I can get a download speed of 98.4 KB/s that last until the file is done after about two minutes of queues in Gnutella2, but, for some arcane reason, everyone decided to upload all their files onto the edonkey network.

    Everyone I've asked has said things around the lines of "Well, yeah, it blows, but it's the only network with good files, so suck it up." Why, in that case, don't people simply take the files and put them on better networks?

    There must be a reason to use this bloated, festering thing. Please tell me what it is.
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    The only reason I use it is to get the rare items you wont find anywhere else. Ive always tried to stay on razorback2 is its the best out of the bunch. I make sure ports are fowarded correctly because if theyre not most of the better servers like razorback2 wont even let you on and if they do you wont be seen properly and your ul will be shit so your seen as a leech and then your dl will suck or something to that effect. Generally even the rare item can be got in a day although Ive found that the weekends are the best times on the network...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RealitY
    The only reason I use it is to get the rare items you wont find anywhere else.
    You and everyone else.

    But, if the only reason is to get rare files, why is this the most poopular network? What appeals to people so much that they use it above all others?

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    Its simple...

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    It has some of the most rare stuff.Take a month or two to get it but in the end you get it.I dont suggest it for some thing you might want,but for something you really want then this is it.

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    Yes.. the waiting game rocks..

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    i rarely have to wait long for files, in fact they dl very fast most the time, i've been using it over a year and will never go anywhere else

    some ss of my high speed dl last night..

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    for me, it is very good to find textbooks and solutions manuals!!
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    I use 4 things simultaneously, actually,.
    - Kaaza Lite k++
    - Emule
    - BitTorrent
    - Shareza

    Everyone of them uses different networks. But I use them when I have nothign to surf.
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    Its very good for rare files as each person on the network shares different things and it never goes away like Bitorrent and it doesnt have fakes like Kazaa and it'll develop your patience!!


    What client have you tried? The standard Emule is nowhere near as good as the mod Emule Morph XT. You have to share something obviously but at first it will be slow because you need to become a High ID user, after that no problems. If you share then your queues, will be very short and I dont know about 56k but, with cable its pretty fast.

    P.S. [And also you have to set your upload rate to about 80% of your Download Rate, I think Morph XT already does this in the newuser startup guide...]

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