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Thread: Please help me! 19 Bandwidth

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    I am running Regular Kazaa 3.0. I connect fine and search fine. But for the life of me, I cannot break 19 bandwidth on downloads. My download speeds are anywhere from .10 to 1.10. ( The highest I have seen is 1.12 ). I am running:

    Amd64 3400+
    Ati Radeon 9800XT 256
    1g of Ram
    Panda Antivirus Platinum 7.0/w Firewall, ( I take it down and up, it doesnt make a difference )
    1.0 Cable Modem with SMC 10/100 Card.

    Please help!!

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    If your using a router you should get KaNAT if your intent on usingng that network...
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    I'm looking at KaNAT the add on for Kazaa lite, will that work with regular kazaa?

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    I just did the test it said to do on . According to this I'm fine and don't need KaNAT.

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    Why are you using Kazaa

    There are so many other better programs.

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    I'm certainly open to suggestions. ^^ Kazaa is the only one ive ever used, and the only one I know about, besides Morpheous, and they were once the same.

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    Newsgroups --> Fastest, no fakes/virii at all, but hard to understand. Once you get use to it though it's very easy and the best.
    Emule --> Slow but easy to use, a lot like Kazaa, not many fakes.
    SoulSeek --> Mainly for full albums and songs, hardly any fakes and has rooms to discuss music. You can also view a friends whole music selection instead of just having to search for one song.
    Bittorrent --> Is quite hard for a n00b to understand as it's totally different to Kazaa, although the ammount of files and it's easy to use makes it the most popular. No search function so you have to know about Torrent sites (theres hundreds and there easy to use and find).
    IRC --> Basically a series of chat rooms that have bots (computers with no people on the end) with loads of files. You request a file from a bot and it sends it to you. Speeds vary, but waiting in a line means it can take like 3 hours before your download starts.

    Those are the main best ones. Newsgroups are by far the best. Over a million new files are put on there every day. It gets files way before any other p2p. However it's a hard program to use at the start.

    Each P2P has it's own guides (apart from Emule & Soulseek but there like Kazaa) so check them out.

    Newsgroups if you really wanna do some serious downloading.
    Bittorent if you just wanna get your files every now and again.

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    Also download and install the following:

    Spybot - Search and Destroy

    both are free (just google for them) because normal Kazaa installs files on your computer that log what you do and send the infomation back to companies. They can see every webpage you look at, so if you buy stuff online they could already have your credit card numbers, passwords and such. Although legally they can't do anything with this infomation apart from pass it onto other companies who will use the data to target you with adverts.

    If they see you buying DVD's or looking at DVD's they'll send you pop ups about DVD's and subscribe your house address to DVD mail order magazines and such. Nasty stuff.

    Kazaa Lite is normal Kazaa but without those files (called Spyware and Adware)

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    I already have Adaware Pro and it takes care of most everything nice and easy. ^^ I will defintly look into those other programs though. Thanks a bunch.


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