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Thread: Which portable music player to buy....??

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    tralalala's Avatar The Almighty
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    May 2003
    Hey guys, I am in need of some advice.

    I am thinking of buying a portable music player (such as the iPod), and I don't know which to get.

    I went into a shop and found an Archos Gimni 400 MP3 player and video player which seemed real cool.
    The thing is, it's the same price as the iPod and offers more than the iPod does (colour screen, play video files, games etc...).

    I was thinking of buying an iPod and then came across this Archos product.

    Can anyone help me decide what to buy?


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    couldn't hurt to ask the shop to demonstrate the players for you, so you can make a hands-on comparison of things like sound quality, ease-of-use, etc.

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    Sony NW-HD3

    Plays MP3 and Sonys new format that will compress a 5MB 192kb MP3 down to 1.5MB.

    20GB large
    Nice menu system
    Can be used as a portable hard drive
    If you use Sony's new compression method you can fit over 40GB's worth of MP3 on there in the new format

    Sony > Apple

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    tralalala's Avatar The Almighty
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    Is there anything that will support an FM/AM radio? (AM not needed as bad as FM).

    There is an accesory you can get for the Archos thing that costs something like 40 Euros and it's an FM radio with a mic for recording, and it also acts as a buttons set for the MP3 player......

    Any more suggestions?

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    Archos are a horrible company, the battery life is horrenderous on most of their products. You shouldn't get a player that supports video, since they are bulky and also have low battery life. Anyway you cant go wrong with apple or iriver.The sony player doesnt support Mp3, so you'd have to convewrt your whole collection to their format.

    You should consider smaller capacity players like the ipod mini or iriver h10. They are really small and very comfortable to carry. 20gigs and up are not really necessary. I got a creative zen xtra 30gig and i regret buying that instead of a smaller player because i dont like the size of hte player, and i don't listen to 30gigs of music unless im on a long vacation.

    for FM, Iriver and Creative products support FM.
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    can I curse? FUCK!
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    May 2003
    iRiver makes some good products. Their H3xx's can play videos with the dright firmware versions. too bad the 20gb is discontinued and the 40gb will be discontinued too.

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    Nov 2002
    I have the SanDisk Blue 512MB USB 2.0 MP3 Player Model SDMX1-512-A18. It fn rocks. The price at Newegg is $80 USD including shipping.

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    Virtualbody1234's Avatar Forum Star BT Rep: +2
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    Oct 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by n18
    ... Anyway you cant go wrong with apple ...

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    ModestoMouse's Avatar All Bussines
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    Portland, OR
    Creative makes some nice players. I sell them at the shop I work at along with some other players I wouldn't really recommend. The 526MB and 1GB are really nice and extremley portabale, which is what I like in a player.

    My iPod is just to bulky to carry around town, or take training. The Creative players also have recording capabilities, which is great for recording lectures, and it also has FM, which you can also record.

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    The sony player doesnt support Mp3, so you'd have to convewrt your whole collection to their format.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sony
    Key Features of the NW-HD3:

    * ATRAC3plus and MP3 playback compatible
    * Over 30 hours of playback time*2
    * G-Sensor
    * 20GB HDD = 13,000 tracks*3(900CDs)
    * 4 colour variations (Silver/ Black/ Pink / Red)
    * Aluminium body
    * Headphones and AC adaptor supplied
    * USB cable supplied
    * USB adaptor supplied
    I were impressed by the 30 hour battery life.

    But of course the iPod will make you more fashionable, if you're the type to buy into that.

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