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    Okay I d-loaded the Core over night I woke about 5 hours later and I decided to watch it on my DiVx Player and You see some birds then The title called the Core then It will just go away any help? Also I thought I downloaded Matrix Reloaded but it gave me ice Age Does any one have real links to the real Matrix?

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    no, try verifides

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    Search matrix reloaded and find the one with the most users.

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    First off the Core file you downloaded was a fake that has been circulating for months. Second there is no Matrix Reloaded out there. If you find something that says Matrix Reloaded, it wont be it so dont waste your time. If you truly want to see the Core (after I watched it I deleted it immediatly cause it was so bad) then try a torrent.


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    What's A torrent

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    Originally posted by KazzaUser@14 April 2003 - 17:09
    What's A torrent
    I believe he meant bittorrent, and its a little like emule. There are verified versions of the Core out there, though the movie was really bad. Horribly unrealistic. Matrix Reloaded will be out soon, but you still have to wait like everyone else.
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    cool thx do u have n e links to the real movie

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    File: the core cd1.MPG
    Length: 835595084 Bytes,816010KB
    UUHash: =cMSgqV6Ht7tEtcM37sA1Law364o=

    File: the core cd2.MPG
    Length: 832951436 Bytes,813429KB
    UUHash: =tVNDyXNX/fN828wOESoGPDUwWHM=


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