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Thread: Help with Bitlord

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    Hi im new so if im posting in wrong place or somthing im very sorry, But I need to know im trying to get Gta San andreas on Bitlord and the torrent file has a password where do I go to put in the password for it to work?

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    The password is usually the sit that you got the torrent for. With so little infomation we can't really answer your question. The torrent might also have the password in it's name (for example: "GTA SA PC" and the password could be some of these:

    and so on. It's a guessing game really. If it's not in the torrent name but there is still a URL in the torrent name try going to that URL, most have forums that you have to sign up for and then you get the password.

    Most torrents don't have passwords.

    Try using a better method of downloading such as Newsgroups.

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    No I know what the password is where do I type it in?
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    After you have downloaded the file you will need to browse to where it is and you will see a Winrar file, you will need to download Winrar (it's free, google for it) then you will want to right click on the file you have and click Extract. It will then ask you for a password, you type it in and click yes.

    That is providing it's a Winrar release which all scene releases are and most homemade or repacked releases are.


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