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Thread: Tracker full of club house, dance and trance music?

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    Hi, i'm looking for a bittorrent tracker that supplies all albums from europe like ministry of sound, kontor, dream dance and other house/trance albums that you can find on german emule sites. If there is something like that for bittorrent please post it here cause there are some sites that post the occasional album but it's not consistent.

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    Oink torrents do that kinda stuff.
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    Like I would tell someone named Cheatz where a good tracker was. haa

    Not a good user name in the bittorrent community.

    That or anything with "spy" in it.

    hmmm (still waiting "spy****er")
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    Wow, I didn't know discrimination now came down to a "username". You'd have to be shallow to take any meaning literally from a fictional nickname.

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    just kinda kidding with you.

    I'm pissed at another guy for really being a cheat.

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    lol what if his name was Hit'N'Run

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    heres 1 for ya! :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by rnichilo
    lol what if his name was Hit'N'Run
    I'm pretty sure you will eventually be using it. Some people have to change thier usernames a lot and there are only so many letter combinations.


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