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Thread: need help with a torrent install please!!

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    i jsut downloaaded the new game Fable:the lost chapters through azureus, this is my first kind of downloaid like this so i need help, i open the torrent and i have 4 folders, each labeled with a cd number, i open each folder and i see like 31 winrar archives, i opened one up and i see that there is .bin and .cue in all 31 or so. so how do i install, i know i haveto put em on a disk, but how, please explain. also there is other files in folder labeled just .r30-.r40 and a sfv file, not sure what those are

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    the rars are a split archive. when you open the .rar all of the files are automatically joined back up. open the .rar then extract the .bin and .cue to a folder then burn them using the "burn image" option in your cd burning program.

    You will have to do this for each CD.

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    The way I do it is to create a new folder on me desktop(call it what you want),double click on one of your rars in cd 1(which should open your winrar program)click on the up 1 folder icon,that should show you all the parts to cd1,click on file>select all,then click on extract to,browse to your new folder on the desktop,pick that and repeat for all cd's,then burn or mount the resulting bin and cues using your favourite burning program,hope that helps

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    check the links posted by ObiWan.

    thread closed.


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