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Thread: Windows Xp Pro Or Windows 2000 ?

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    I have had windows xp pro installed for over a year now and find it a superb system despite many problems with drivers and compatability but was told by a friend that windows 2000 is a much better system to use. As a somewhat novice I would like to hear about the pro's and con's of these windows systems. Many thanks for your help, Dave (Luckydog)

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    Choices, Choices, Choices. Everyone will have a different opinion. Some will tell you Win XP is a dog and others will tell you that it is the greatest thing since Peanut Butter. If Windows XP is working fine for you stick with it. Do not sway with the wind too much. I work with both systems and I like them both. But I perfer XP Pro.

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    Go with XP- 2k with all the service packs etc is about the same, but XP Pro has a few more goodies in it, it's also newer and more user friendly.

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    i had 2k pro for a while, didnt like it, was bit slow. an i got an old motherboard that dont have usb, so got a usb to pci board and it didnt support that so i couldnt use my scanner.
    i like xp, works straight of the cd, has all drivers u need aswell.
    had to get alot of drivers for 2k,

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    I used Xp and 2k for each a year... I perfer 2k more, it almost never crashed with me.
    XP I had constant problems with, formating once a month with XP was normal, as with 2k I never formated...
    Go with 2k in my opinion.

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    I use to use 2k and i thought XP was overrated then i got XP and it was like WOW what different easy to edit ur policys u can close and lock the toolbar and close 50 windows with one click however XP runs slow on a shit machine

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    Originally posted by balamm@13 April 2003 - 22:30
    then you want either Windows 2000, windows 2000 pro, or windows 2000 advanced server. The only thing better would be Linux.
    There is no just Windows 2000.. The main, home user version is Professional, then there's 3 server versions (Server, Advanced Server and Datacenter Server)...

    I myself prefer Win2k Pro, cause XP is basically win2k with a pretty interface and some other extra "bloat" that reports back to M$ periodically not to mention it's got that activation shit

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    I would use windows xp without a doubt. But what may stop you is driver compatability or maybe your pc may not be able to handle it.

    What are your specs?

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    dual boot them if you like em and can't decide. i am going to do that with 98 and 2000

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    Windows XP Pro Corporate. period.

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