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Thread: This Is What Happens When People Title Fakes

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    Been using K-lite for a long long time. today I am uninstalling it. For those who are not responsible for what I am going to talk about, I apologize in advance. For you a**holes who insist on sharing fakes, let me tell you what it has cost everyone. I have a full 80 gig hard drive that I slaved just for filesharing. 9 attempts to download Anger Management got me everything from the sound of music to Oh brother where art thou. Screw you guys. I am closing my account and Worse, pulling permissions from my personal file server. Those that were blocked by my firewall were redirected into Never-Never land. my 80 gigs to do with as you pleased. As of today it stops. For those who came to count on my presence here...sorry. For those who insist on fraudulent files...get screwed.

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    I hope you can find anger management soon look like you need it...
    On a series side; we are always going to get scum of this earth try to piss use off with fake files ECT...
    All I can suggest is to use Avi prevue and verifiedís, they take some time to find it but you know it will be a good file...
    Thatís for the Peer how have to give up and surrendered to the scum...


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    Well, I've re-read your post a couple of times, and all I have to say is "Don't let the proverbial door hit your proverbial a$$ on your way out."

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    I admire your dedication, if you're reading this let me just state that there will always be a&^ holes who will try to spoil it for others for whatever reason. I can sympathise as I'm dealing with five copies of Bulletproof monk right now but one incident is no reason to throw a tantrum and give up on something, I'm sure there is a good copy of the movie somewhere in kazaa and without perseverance we get nowere.

    And as for Tide all I can say is, WTF?

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    WHAT?.............Dont you know how to use AVI Preview?
    Fakes are just part of the game my friend.If you dont like it then go buy what you want from the shop!!!!!

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    I agree you definately need the anger management, seems you think everyone on the kazaa network reads this forum this forum makes up a very, very small part of the fastrack network, and I have found most of the members on this forum bend over backwards to help others, as you say you have. Hope you calm down later and re-think what you have done, if not, good luck whever you end up

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    Why so angry you can't do shit about it so relax and be happy that you can download stuff

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    If I am not mistaken I just read a post that Anger Management is currently on IRC (PM if you want me to link you, if I can find the post again), and that it should be on Kazaa tomorrow. I mostly only use verifieds and avipreview cause I feel the same way, but I just got a FAKE (hunted) off a verified site! I guess they fell asleep, because it was a raw bitmap an hour long, as fake they get (but why bitch). I don't think your complaining to the right group. I hate to see anyone go, always say the more the better for us all.

    Truthfully anyone reading your post that is responsible is probably thrilled to say "see ya".

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    hello Hellios 17 !
    we all understand your frustration ! you have been doing what all responsible file swappers should do. allocated lots of hd so everyone can share more. but don't expect everyone to match your high standards ! in the real world it will never happen on any front. learn by it and ENJOY !

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    All i can say don't throw the towel in.... if it wern't for LOYAL Kazaa Users like you we wouldn't have such a great file sharing program

    ( even though you don't think Kazaa is great right now )

    if you quit Kazaa now your giving in to the Wankers that share fakes and showing them they have won your also giving in to the movie industry who are in my opinion the ones spreading fakes..

    so in all keep using Kazaa because we all need each other in the long run.....

    So Earn Baby Earn Disco Inferno

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