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Thread: Ntl 1 Gig Cap!?!

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    The NTL 1 Gig cap is not affecting me at all;
    I have downloaded about 1.8 Gig in total in a 7 hr period (overnight)
    I have the NTL 600 kbs service…

    So I was wandering if anyone ales has had any trouble with it???

    Please only reply if you use NTL as I a seen a thread on NTL turn in to I got BT I got AOL Hee Hee AOL…..


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    I got told it doesnt really exist, many go way way over it and dont get told off

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    ive got the 1meg line with ntl, i probably average out over 1gig a day and the other day i done 4gig in a 24 hr period and i still havnt heard anything offf them. its a load of rubbish so dont worry about it.

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    I dont know what your contention is on NTL, cause I'm a **BB user.But, like most things in life, the heaviest users have to pay more. It seems eventually you'll have to pay an "overuseage" bill, as they try to milk more from their customer base.Meanwhile, they'll "tiptoe" to avoid bad publicity...lmao, I mean you even got a site called ntlHellworld, aint ya? BT BB had the 1Gb limit way before ntl. All the stink with you lot is because your cap was introduced "mid-contract". I don't know a single BTBB user who's had any grief for d/l over 1Gb in a day. With less than 1 million subscribers, I don't think its anything more than reminding you that you dont have a leased line 1:1.Think about the other 49 or whatever you got in your contention.If they d/l more than 1Gb a day, caps or price rises are inevitable. I would've thought it would have been fairer to put caps on the three tiers 0.8Gb-150k, 1Gb-600k, an 3-Gb-1Mb?
    Whadda I know? I'm a BT Broadband,MSNMessenger using, non NTL consumer

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    Well I'm on NTL and these are my stats for the last two and a half weeks:

    This is pretty much average for me since the cap was introduced and I have heard nothing. Personally I think they will only do something about it if it really affects your surrounding area badly. There's probably not too much heavy downloading being done in my area so they don't bother me. Personally I think it's just a way of covering their back if they need to ask you to stop, but they'll only do that if they have to.

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    Skillian, I don't know how but you seem to be able to keep your download speeds on a daily basis very high.

    I'm looking for rare and semi-rare TV shows (predominately anime) and am lucky to keep a download speed of about 10 KB/sec even though my cablemodem CAN download at over 150 KB/sec...

    Does your connection only have so much bandwidth which is shared between uploads AND downloads? ...thus explaining how not even once did your uploads reach >60% of your downloads.

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    I get consistent high speeds because most of this is not from Kazaa, but from http sites and ftp, and also a lot of university stuff. The stuff I do get from Kazaa tends to be popular stuff, so I get maxed out at 70Kb ish most of the time. Also, I get 600kbps download and only 128kbps upload, so the download stats are gonna be a lot higher even if both were maxed out all the time. I was waiting for someone to go "Oi you don't share!" .

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    I also have NTL600, and I have had no problems with them yet despite taking down well over a gig a day.. although a friend of mine got a nice phone call from them to advise him how to make his internet usage more efficient

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    in the latest issue of pc advisor there is an article about ntl bandwidth crackdown most of it telling u what we already know that ntl have put a cap on its service.

    but a direct qoute from it's managing director aizad hussain says "that customer's who exceed the limit will not be disconnected our objective is only to limit very frequent or heavy network use that can inpact other customer's"
    futher on in the article he mentions that the company would only contact customers who exceed the daily data limit for three or mare days in any consecutive period.

    when contacting customer's they will be given advise on how to limit there and what the company will do is still unkown.

    it is safe to say that many broadband provider's will be doing similar as the p2p network's grow so maybe it is not greener on the other side after all.

    this can be found on page 85 of may issue of pcadvisor

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    Not a lot to add here, I think most has been said.

    I like most of you have the 600k service. I monitored my usage using DM for a few weeks. Exceeded the "cap" on a regular basis.

    Personally I think NTL are covering their arse in case they have to do something. Remember that they are not just an ISP. So if they really annoy a customer then they may lose the phone and tv as well. As satellite and broadband are more easy to get now then, much as it would be inconvenient I could lose the NTL service entirely if I wanted to.

    I think they are aware of this and don´t really want to limit. However if they have to then they can say you have been warned.

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