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Thread: Cd Burner Software

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    Is there any software which can burn and verify files to cdr, as well as have the option to automatically delete the source file after being verified?

    When burning i usually delete the source file straight away, so im hoping theres something on the net which will do this, and hopefully be less cpu/memory demanding as Nero.


    Ive tried easy cd creator 6 but theres a compatibility issue with windows xp on my computer. Not sure if this had a delete source file option though.

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    Don't delete them, keep sharing them.

    Anyway I have never heard fo a burning software the will delete the original. To do that automaticly would not be a good idea. It's better to do it yourself if you want to. Keep things under your control and choice.

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    My computer is running low on hard drive space so I usually share rare files, while i burn the common ones to cd.

    Do you know any good software which doesnt take as much cpu or memory?

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