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Thread: US launch for HD-DVD postponed

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    [news=]Toshiba may put back the launch of HD-DVD in the US until next year in order to 'optimise' the release schedule.

    The company, which is the main driver of the high-capacity optical disc technology, said that it still plans to introduce it in Japan this year.

    'We are now in talks with Hollywood studios and large-scale retailers to seek the most effective timing of the launch and best way to launch,' a Toshiba spokeswoman said. 'We originally aimed for the year-end launch in the United States. But we have not really decided on that.'

    However other leading members of the HD DVD Promotion Group are thought to prefer a high-impact, large-scale launch; hence no definite decision has yet been made.

    The fact that it would be commercially available before the rival Blu-ray technology has been seen as a significant factor in its favour, now that the failure of unification talks means that the two technologies will have to slug it out in the marketplace. Blu-ray is scheduled to make its debut in Sony's next-generation games console, the PlayStation 3, in the first half of 2006.

    Blu-ray backers recognised that a delayed HD-DVD launch would be a boost to their technology.

    'We're no longer lagging behind,' said Frank Simonis, a spokesman for the Blu-ray Disc Association.

    Source: PCPro[/news]
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    OH oh sounds like trouble but probably a wise move . Was reading that the blu-ray is going to cost Sony $100 per unit for the ps3 that seems insane .


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