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Thread: Gnutella Funny Business

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    Lately, I have noticed that searching for a two-word video, with a typo will return a slew of matches of similar files with my search term inserted within parentheses.

    For example, searching for "three stoooges" will return files like, "Hidden Camera in Smoke Detector (three stoooges).mpg" or "Spying on My Sister-in-Law(three stoooges).avi." Allthough the files are small they are almost all one of two sizes: 1.6 or 2.0 MB.

    I presume this has been done to lower the quality of the
    searches on gnutella. Having all these fake files listed sure makes it difficult to find the file I want.

    I will look tomorrow and see if they are coming from a single IP address that my downloader can block..

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    There was a post in newsworld about fake files mabye something in there would help you .
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