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Thread: webcam software required!

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    i need a webcam software that is free for broadcasting live webcam video over the internet, which is easy to access and may have some sort of security authencations!!!!

    i tried webcam 1-2-3, i found it quite good but i was unable to find the full version, tried all the sources like mIRC and torrent but no luck!!!

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    Webcam xp is a pretty good one for hosting a webcam viewable in a browser.

    Netmeeting is another program that's already on windows, but only broadcasts your webcam to other Netmeeting users.

    One of the quickest ways to broadcast a webcam is using Yahoo Messenger on both computers. Unfortunately, the quality is not as good compared to the other two above...unless Supermode is on. (most LANs tend to block Supermode, even when the ports are opened)

    If you have broadband, then set your broadcasting quality and size to the max. If it lags, then try lowering them slightly at a time. I find broadband sends max quality on most webcams at a pretty decent rate. (it all depends on the speed for both the sender and the receiver)
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    thanks wolf, Webcam xp is amazing little program, did the job!!!!


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