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Thread: Breaking The Password

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    Hey i know this is not a cool thing to ask but my buddy made a website over on Geocities last night. And on the website hes got a couple of things i don't want people to know and he has it posted in his profile. Is there a software that will get his password so i can go in and write a lot of stuff about him?

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    lets put it this way:

    first off, tell him (if it's personal information about yourself), to remove it as he is doing something illegal.
    if he refuses, send an e-mail to google-geocities and ask them to censor the information/terminate his website.

    the thing you want to do is just as bad as what he is doing.

    ask him, then geocities. if none works, beat him up....

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    Quote Originally Posted by tralalala
    ask him, then geocities. if none works, beat him up....
    Promoting violence is not advisable on an open web page either - send him a PM next time.
    Political correctness is based on the principle that it's possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

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    haha i see what your getting at but yeah i could do that i just wanna give him a taste of what hes got coming to him. No harm in friends doing this to friends right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thechampishere
    No harm in friends doing this to friends right?
    no harm but it is still illegal.

    the best way would probably to go phishing.

    send him a email that looks like it could be from geocities (add a few picks that geocites use or link to them in the email to give it a bit more credibility.) asking him to verify his account detail for his email adress. I would setup my own mail server to spoof the senders adress to make it look like it came from as well.

    it will take a pretty long time to do all the above and you better have some basic html knowledge and your own server.

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    Here's to help with Spoofing an account to your friend.

    Spoofer for newbs. Make sure to test it on yourself to see the outcome and adjust as needed.

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    whats the geocity website that says the bad stuff? we're all friends here.
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