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Thread: Judge Orders Change in Kazaa Service

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    [news=]An Australian judge today ordered significant changes in the Kazaa network, ruling that its operators, Sharman Networks, authorized the widespread violation of copyrights. While the ruling did not entirely shut down Kazaa, its result did leave room for such action if drastic changes are not made in the near future. Sharman Networks stated that it was disappointed by the decision and would appeal, but would not make light of any other information until it reviewed the ruling in greater detail. The closely watched case against Sharman was filed last year by local subsidiaries of major music labels including Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

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    `anyone from Argentina on this board?

    I need your help and if you can help me pM me

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    this is for what u did to klite suckers, its ur time now, u got naild. i wonder if sharemen agents r still on this board.

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