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Thread: kazaa lite to die off at last (official)

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    well itll remain in my memorys but this is virtually the end for kazaa now.

    im glad i hardly use it nowdays too otherwise id probably be upset .

    *hugs azureus*

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    tralalala's Avatar The Almighty
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    May 2003
    you think that because the RIAA are making a muscle people will stop using it!?
    did people abandon filesharing when the RIAA started suing mega-sharers? nope.

    i still use it, and will always use it for small files, music, and porn...

    otherwise i use eMule that RAWKS

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    emule sawks for me.

    but if theyre gonna filter copyrighted stuff thats gonna get rid of the 75% of the files that are on sharman networks anyway lol

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    twisterX's Avatar Poster
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    It cant be official. It will die off very slowly. IT may never be dead. You cant stop the people from using it
    Last edited by twisterX; 10-11-2005 at 03:53 AM.

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    twisterX isa right
    Crazy about filesharing

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    iMartin's Avatar ♥Home Grown♥ BT Rep: +9BT Rep +9
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    My K-Lite K++ won't even connect anymore.

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    u need to use klite 2.7 thats why

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    Vargas's Avatar gone fishin'
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    the poopdeck
    old versions still work, you just might need to update your node cache
    2 million users can't all be wrong
    Last edited by Vargas; 05-17-2007 at 05:48 PM.

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    billions of bittorrent users cant be wrong either

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