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Thread: Resource Limitor For Windows

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    i am looking for a program that can limit programs CPU useage

    eg if i had a 1ghz PC

    DVD shrink.exe limited to 300mhz

    wich wood meen DVD shrink wood run as slow as if i had a 300mhz PC and that wood have 700mhz for me to do othere stuff with

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    The Task manager lets you set "Priority".
    Right click one of the processes and goto "Set Priority". Now choose either high or low and windows will assign a certain CPU Priority to that software. High means the program will use more CPU (run faster), while low means the program will use less CPU (run slower)
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    yea i am not that dump i know that but i find that when i change thows settings aps seem to use more CPU then thay wood nomaily


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