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Thread: WAY too slow torrents--->HELP pls

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    Hello guys, i really need some help here...

    I am on DSL (1Mb) and every time i try to download a torrent the speed is way too slow.

    When i say slow i mean 0-3 or 5 KB/s. But every time i download a regular download from any site the speed is 90KB/s at least!

    I use bitlord or bitornado. I always end up uploading at least 8 times more of than i downloaded, since i upload with a speed of 18-20 when i limit it to 20!

    Do you have any suggestions? i would really apreciate it.

    PS: i've never tried to download from a private site

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    try limiting your upload speed to 12-15KB
    forward your listening ports if behind a router

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    sorry guess i didn't mention that, i'm not behind a router and i disable my firewall but absolutely no difference
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    I have the same problem. I get real slow download speeds for BT like 2-5 kb/s and i am also not behind a router or a firewall. My max upload speed is 12 kb/s but i limited it to 8 kb/s. I tried different BT clients and different torrents but all give me the same results.

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    Try private sites...

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    guess i'll try to register like reality adviced me...

    Thx for the help alien..

    Do you know any private sites that accept sighn ups now and is not full?

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    just need to look in the invites section on this site, try to get a pisexy or torrentit
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    torrentit is the best!
    But very strict with ratios and it is not open for signups anymore...
    Wish I had an invitation for it too...

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    Maybe your problem is that you are trying to get something that is old that has no seeders.

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