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Thread: Genuine Windows Validation Continued....

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    Again about this - I can download the updates, becouse I've disabled the "Windows Genuine Advantage" add-on in IE. But I can't download the Microsoft Antispyware, becouse the NEW two-steps validation process starts and the generated code is not valid (which not surprises me at all... ). How to surpass this code, or how to crack this two-steps process??? It looks very strange that I have access to the XP SP2 updates, but it seems impossible to surpass the validation process in order to download the Microsoft Antispyware...
    Please, help!!!

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    continued?? anyway..

    "go to windows update

    Before pressing 'Custom' or 'Express' buttons paste this text to the address bar and press enter:


    then click custom or express and you will get your updates

    It turns off the trigger for the key check."

    why you would want to use microsofts spyware prog is another question you should ask yourself, have you tried spybot or adaware? :-)

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    we already have a thread about the new Windows Validation tool. please post in that thread.

    thread closed.


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