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Thread: Blocking View Of Shared Folders

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    I had to repost this anew due to run on in its pevious post.
    Please give it any input you may have, and if possible, no twit (useless wit) and insults.

    My thoughts on this have developed quickly, seems simple. I am not interested in ISP's knocking on anyones door or shutting anyone down. The more here, the more available and obviously the quicker the dl. Fast food and microwaves are a sign of the time and I enjoy seeing a dl at 200kb/s. Anything that puts that to risk, I want stopped, even if I cannot see your files nor you see mine. I did not like it either but it is clearly better than the alternative. I would please ask anyone to offer a better alternative.

    I started my research after I read about the verizon issue. I changed my reg to set nofiles. I have also stopped using some other p2p software due to the fact that they do not support (or I do not know how) the privacy issue. I have even changed my user name to a common one.

    When this first came up, it brought up all the "feelings" about "LEECHES", well they will always exist (they are here just as we). Some that I have talked to using p2p only pop in to get a file here and there and then they go. They could be considered "LEECHES" as well, and you could give them the boot (cancel) as well and rag them in a message complaining they do not share or that you cannot view their files, possibly making their experience aggrivating enough so they stop using p2p. Maybe they will never grow into a user with an external 100g hd thats on 24/7 as many of us are. It must be clear to truly give is not to expect anything in return, though we all take from here or we would not be here.

    It seems many of you are sharing large amounts and understand the importnace of contribution. It is clear that we are now fightning amongst ourselves! It is clear, I hope, that the reg change does not lessen the shared files and only gives us privacy. Simply, don't let your "feelings" get in the way of COMMON SENSE.

    In addition...

    Originally, the idea was that some were offended by the idea of blocking the availability to view shared files.
    I do this myself and encourage you all to do the same.

    During my thoughts I figured to add a possible solution, maybe all those using reg blocks should use the same user name such as:

    Nofiles@kazaa (possibly confusing to others) or,
    RegBlock@kazaa or,
    DontBeOffended@kazaa or,
    Private@kazaa (I kind of like this one)

    If put into place it might make such users know who we are, and it is clear why we have taken the actions that we have. If you agree (pick a name), I will change mine asap. Let us stick together and solve problems. I think thats the idea.

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    What if you have one of a kind files on you'r computer.

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    Are they subject to © infringement? I would imagine not if they are one of a kind due to be shared, this is not the issue at hand. If they are then it seems via the block they could only see the file being dl.


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