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    I know you will all hate me, cause im sure everyone asks this question...but i couldnt find it on a search.
    I just got "Old School". But its not working. the file name as i got it was: "Old School 2003 (Complete).asf" and its 475,676 KB. When i try to open it as an ASF it says it cant find the file. I renamed it to AVI, and it opens, but there is no sound or video (i have a divx plug in...wrong one maybe?) Help on this would be awsem! Thanks.

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    get the kazaa codec pack or nemo codec pack

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    got em both

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    R u sure the sound is not AC3? You need to find a codec for it but some media players dont play it anyway.

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    forget about old school, cause im getting no sound or video...i have a new problem. Now i have this file: "8.Mile(dvdscreener)Xvid-Dvl.avi". I have sound but no movie. What codec do i need for that one?

    -Jeeze, all i wana do is watch a movie...why is this so complicated???


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