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Thread: Fs2002 Install Problem

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    Everytime I try to install Flight Simulator 2002, it says (at about 21% of the first disk): error, because of low memory of swapping file (or something like that), or FS2002.CAB is corrupted. Try restarting your computer.
    I did this, but it didn't help. I also re-extracted the .iso file, but still the same. When I try to open that FS2002.CAB file with winzip, everything works fine!

    Should I download the first disc completely again???

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hi, me again

    I downloaded the first disk again, and replaced all corrupt .cab files with the new ones, but CHARTS.CAB is corrupted in both downloads. Can someone put this file online, plz? (I don't want to download the whole disk again )

    Thank you very much!!


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