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Thread: Beta Tests?

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    if you participate in a beta test, do you get the fully patched up game when the testing has finished, in other words do you get the game you are testing FREE or do they prevent you from playing the game on-line by withdrawing the server used to play it after the official release, thus rendering the game useless? ( if its an on-line game like say 'planetside&#39

    can anyone help!!!!!

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    why? R U going to beta test a game? I have never tested a game, so I cant really help U!

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    Jesus thats fked up dude

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    I would love to beta test a game and then get full vers. free!
    But ive herd u can. To get it free tho you hv to give them loads of advice hvin played the beta!

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    cheers, i hope they give me it, free. I think every tester should get a freebee no exceptions

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    It depends what type of game you're beta-testing.

    Most companies have loads of legal paperwork that you have to sift through before getting a beta, which generally includes a non-disclosure agreement.

    They won't give you a full version of the game once it's been released. Beta-testing is used to find bugs that the first set of paces didn't catch. Your entire goal is to break the game.

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