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Thread: Atten: Media Players

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    Apr 2003
    Hi guys. I watch quite a lot of movies and listen to loads of music. I was wonderin wat the best media player is for that job. I've been using windows media player but does anyone think there is a better one for my uses. But the media player must be compatible with win xp and can have codecs like xvid installed without problems.
    Anyone know one...
    Appreciate reply...

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    WinAmp for music. DivX for movies. I hate Windows Media Player. Hate it. Hate it.

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    Windows Media Player 9. People complain so much about nothing. It works great, no problems here. You just have to make sure you have the correct codecs. That's it.
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    I use Winamp 2.90 for my music (also use 3.0 for shoutcast stations). And I usually stick with WMP 9 for my video files. I know Microsoft is evil and all but I tinker with my options in there. I don't fully trust it...but it works good I have to say.

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    Use this,
    You need a crack, maybe an ilder one on the fasttrack, but, is good to.
    This is the bestone y ewer used for mpeg, divx.


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