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Thread: Name of the title?

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    Hi guys I'm trying to remember a movie title and I hope you could help me out...
    it's a "boys in the hood" kinnda movie. it's about a kid who's father is a co gang founder but he's in jail. the other gang founder take the kid under he's wing and let's him join up with the gang. the gang it's called something like "duce". I haven't seen this movie since I was about 12yo so my memory of it is kinnda fuzzy


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    Nah thanks tho... (it's not juice or fresh ether)
    I remember one scene when the kid has ended up in juvenal, three or four inmates wakes up to him looking for trouble but the kid just chills and flash the gang sign and says something like duce or douse and they just back off frighten. I only remember bits and pieces like that but hopefully some one can put'em together

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    He shoots he scores...
    Thanks man thats the one, after reading the imdb review I'm a bit hesitant tho (guy who loved it when he was young then saw it again and hated it)

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