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Thread: LOOKING FOR VIDEO GAME FILES ps2 and xbox but more ps2

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    HI i am new this site and i was wounding if anyone know where i can get games on a ftp i have cable so i will upload game to get to download game also. my friend was telling me about this site what can download stuff like game , movies etc but it is not a peer2peer or bittorrent. he say it is more like newgroup but it is for free and he wont tell me but i know he use bulletproof to get his file and he also use it to send file to me so if anyone know of this program please let me know and i am looking for old game like def jam,nba live 2005,mortal kambat all, etc all last year game thanks to who can help me

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    asking for or sharing FTP's that have copywrited material hosted isnt allowed
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    For Newsgroups take a look at our sesection on the site and read the pinned guides in that section...
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