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    Hi to all. I must be geting old fast because I could swear that I have downloaded several BIN file movies and played them! However I have just downloaded "ftf.the.core-1 634,337 kbs" BIN file and it won't play, I thought I had all the right codecs,I quess I don't!
    Please help becouse at the moment I am do dumb!

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    a BIN file is an image of a cd...

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    Well LAMSEY thank you for answering so fast, however I think you forgot to tell me how I open or play that file, That was my question? Bye. Norman

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    Well, it's sounds like it's a VCD, as thats the format they come in for movies BIN's and CUE's. Why not get Alcohol or a similar program, and eithier burn it, or mount and watch it on a virtual drive.

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    If u havent got a .cue file, pm me and ill make u one ....

    in the PM
    Include the .bin filename EXACTLY plz

    and any other info u think is necessary

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    Ive just watched the exact same film your talking about.
    Try Mediaplayer9 it worked for me,although the sound was slightly out of sync.

    In the end i mounted with Deamon Tools and played it in PowerDvD perfect then,no probs

    *edit* wicked movie imho.

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    If you know it's a VCD and want to burn it but don't have the .cue file, just use Nero, go to 'File' > 'Burn image...' select the .bin file and open it.
    A 'Foreign Image Settings' window will pop up. Choose 'Data Mode 2' and click OK.
    On the burning options choose Disc-at-once and burn it (a slow burning speed is recommended).


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