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Thread: Problem Finding Klf Musicworld

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    i just downloaded soulseek, the new vertion and installed it. i want to join the KLF MusicWorld but when i look through the list of rooms begining with K there is olny 2. i have seen 4plays ss of soulseek and he has about 20 rooms begining with K. could someone please tell me whay this is happining and i can not xonnect to a room, i have a lot of mp3's to share with you.

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    Does the fact that Wizzandabe has the latest version and most other people don't make any difference?

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    I have both installed, and when i use the latest beta version, i think you can only see other people using that same version, the number of rooms is smaller and the KLF MusicWorld room doesn't appear, i suggest using the 139c version until the 140 version becomes the main one.

    I don't know why, but i can only assume the new one is using a different...i don't know the word for it...but i'll use 'protocol'. It says it has faster searches etc, so it may be something different with the way you connect, rather than just a change in the software.

    hope that helps - basically, in the mean time, if you use the older one you'll find the room no problem.

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    yea, but the problem is that when i try to run the older vertion (not the new beta) it crashes my pc out.

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    i can't help with that.

    Have a look here....

    Unofficial SoulSeek Troubleshooting

    it might have something, but i'm kinda busy just now.

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    PS - if you get it to work i think i have every available Finch song, plus live recordings and a good few acoustics

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    if you go to the main slsk page, theres a version 145 which is a new one, if you go there, it seems to be better, and you'll find us again
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    yea it worked, why is this?

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    Think the server went down on the older version thats why you couldn&#39;t connect as i was having trouble..New version is up and running like a dream now


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