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Thread: Shadow of the Colossus

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    Anyone else checked this out yet? I think it looks amazing so far.

    Not sure if this link will work but ill try anyways.
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    The movies for it look amazing, it makes me wish I owned a PS2. Btw, the link doenst work...
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    this game is gonna be awesome: 480p and true 16x9.

    heres a neat video showing the difference between the early build of the game (demo...) and the final product:
    its the one named "The Evolution of Colossus (09/27/2005)"

    ..and,if someone has an ign insider account.. maybe they can make a torrent of the high quality video?

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    Played the demo.... quite satisfying
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    Im suprized this hasnt been posted yet!

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    I played the demo and felt kind of sorry for the first colossus I killed, he looked so sad when he died, I felt bad.
    When I played the demo I tried to make it to the top of the castle to see the headless women but kept running out of stamina, I did find the forest with the lizards and killed them,(to get more stamina) but still couldnt climb the castle walls. Did anyone make it to the top?
    I got the game when it came out, the graphics are so awesome and the colossus are fun to find, but they still have those sad eyes.
    Here is a cool link
    You can go to message boards to find new cheats and spoilers.

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    the one time i want a ps2, there isn't one in the house

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    Hehehe. I'm gonna play ICO one more time before I start on this one.

    ICO FTW.

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    They don't make ICO anymore so I might never be able to play it.

    and shouldn't it be Shadow of the Colossi
    It's hot in Topeka.

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