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Thread: Games And Movies Are Dodgey Or Have Viruses

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    I hate everyone who shares games when they have got them and finds out that they are dodgey or contain a virus and they just leave them on their computer for other people to download and therefore they will waste time and get the virus that the game has got.

    I think a simple solution to this would be to delete any dogey games off their computer as soon as they realise they are dodgey and then no-one will have to complain..

    I also think that people who have dodgey movies and when they get them and find out they are a fake they let other people to download. This problem normally occurs in brand-new movies that are only out in the cinema, people clain to have these when they are fakes like barbershop or signs as I got a few fakes that were these. I strongly suggest that anyone who wnats a brand new movie gets on that starts off with something like [TMD] and then the name of the movie.

    Another issue i thing needs taking care of is the fact of sharing bad quality copies. There is no good quality brand-new film, but if you are looking for a older movie then you wnat a DVD-Rip, this is how to look out for one - they will have (DVD-Rip) or (Div-X) at the end of their name. If you get this then you will have a good quality movie downloading.

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    1 - Use the verifieds.

    2 - There are companys DEDICATED to spitting out fake files onto p2p networks (Fastrack is very popular&#33

    3 - Use a different file sharing app, - DC++, emule, Bit-Torrent, Newsgroups, Mirc...yada yada yada yada!

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    They put the viruses there, hoping you will downlod and run them, then they use their script kiddy ways to try to "hack" your computer.


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