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Thread: problem with converting bitrates

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    I have a show on mp3 that I like to listen to, it's about 2 hours long at 128kbps which makes for approximately 106MB mp3 file. Now, for space saving purposes I want to convert it to a lower bitrate (48kbps at 32,000Hz). I've tried a couple different programs to do this, and I'm running into some problems. There are three different results that I'll get:

    1) The file will convert just fine and will play back perfectly. No problem!

    2) The file will convert just fine but when playing back there is a constant clicking about once per second.

    3) The file will be about 10% done converting when I'll receive the error message "floating point overflow".

    Since I've gotten the same results with two different programs, I'm assuming it's not the program but rather the files or something I'm doing wrong. Any help is much appreciated.


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    If the file plays alright before the conversion it shouldnt be the file. What apps did you use to convert this? Try DBPowerAmp.

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    He does like DBPowerAmp as he as another topic running on this which gives answers like use Winamp etc, can't be bothered to find this I'am catching up abit as I having been here for a long time.

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    I used musicmatch jukebox to lower the bitrate on a few files once. If you get clicking and stuff on the output, then you need to either reboot before doing the conversion, stop using anything while the conversion is taking place, get a faster pc with more ram, or just get more ram. Also, dont be playing the file you are converting while it is converting. For that matter, dont be playing any audio while converting.


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