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Thread: Convert Japanese windows to English

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    I just installed a japanese version of windows on my laptop, but i wanted to convert to english. I tried changing it in the control panel --> languages, region, etc, but it seems to have only changed the input to english I think i have to downld the english ime or somtin, but not surem any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you

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    its windows xp pro, sry forgot to mention that

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    the regional languages in the control panel is merely for keyboard input and curency etc
    it is not possible t translate it to english
    youll have to get an english xp

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100%
    youll have to get an english xp
    Rightly said. My friend had a problem like this too but he was using Chinese version of Win XP.
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    downloading pirated copies off the net may get yea some funky languages. Sorry you gotta download it again. find one with alot of sources or seeds and make sure it's english.


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