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Thread: Exe And Bin Files

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    I have downloaded some games which are exe-files and run perfectly. The same games are available as bin-files with the cue-file for burning. I understand the bin-games are exact copies of the original cd:s but is there other differences to the exe-games? The exe is usually much smaller in file size.

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    1. a bin is a image of a cd so it is uasually the full cd (this means there will be no installaion problems as all the files are there)

    2. a cue is not required to burn you can burn without a cue.

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    A .exe file is a rip of a game. This means that there are things like the intro, movies, music... cut out.

    If you download the bin/cue version you can burn it and use it like an original cd.

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    how do u use the disk like the original cd? I thought u had to get a no cd crack

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    IMPORTANT:Cue files lets you know what mode to burn the cd.
    U can use them directly in nero, or open them in notepad and manually set up the burning prog.


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