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Thread: Who Likes To Skate Here?

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    Mar 2003
    I like to skate, my favourite trick i can do is the backflip 180 ollie kickflip , sounds hard but it's kind it easy.
    How about u lot what's the best trick you can do?

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    Fav trick at the mo is a fs pop shuv it. Mainly cos itd the only one I can land at the mo!!

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    my fav trick is staying up on theboard while in forward motion.....

    while being towed by my singer at 40 MPH

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    I used to skate, but I broke my board trying to do a stooooped board slide. Haven't had the cash to buy a new one since

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    ....I used to skate a few years ago, but I stopped when I flew OVER the ramp after doing a drop when I just oiled my board....

    My coolest trick back then (I don('t know what it's called):

    when ur at the highest point of the ramp, stand on one hand on the edge and put your feet in the air, while holding your skateboard under your feet (do you know what I mean?)

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    I broke my board trying to grind a rail... Then I got a new one and sold it... Wait, this is about skating... My bad. I like to do my fav trick with skates, go forward...

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    Oct 2002
    yeah i skate mainly street

    i can land these tricks most of the time but not always

    ollie,kickflip, backside180, frontside 180, shuvit, pop shuvit

    and i can 50-50, boardslide, bs boardslide, 5-0

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    Dec 2002
    i bmx... much better...

    360's, barspins, x-up nofooters... hell yeah...

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    sorry kab, i dont skate, so i wont post here.

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    Originally posted by Z@15 April 2003 - 19:26
    sorry kab, i dont skate, so i wont post here. 


    *Must stop Zed from... ah it... i'm tired of saying that *

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