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Thread: Can Only View A Quarter Of Video

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    I've got a problem here, although I only know when, and not why it began.
    The problem is; that with XviD files (and some DivX) all players available only shows the upper right quarter of the
    screen, no matter which zoom or position I set.
    Can anyone help me?
    This issue is only affecting some of my movies i.e. The Pianist (xvid) & 40 Days and 40 Nights (divx).
    Please try to help.

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    Sound like a codec problem. Dl the newest version of the klcodec pack. Make sure to uninstall all previous codec packs first.

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    Done that some 5-6 times now.

    Do you know any program/utility that removes all codecs on computer? I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE!

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    I do not know of a codec remover, but windows add/remove should get rid of the previous codec pack, or try to use the previous codec pack's uninstaller.

    Did you install the new klcodec pack, because I had a similar problem and after that, the movies played fine.

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    Well, I reinstalled some "major shit" - and now it's working fine.
    Although; I'm having trouble playing a XviD movie (Jet Li's: Hero).
    Either it chops forward, plays green, or it 'plays along' with ugly-edged display
    - all depending on my choice of XviD's "FourCC".
    What is the proper setting for that?

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    if nobody offers more specific advice, i think it's worth mentioning that there are a few different versions of the XviD codec for Windows. there is no official release, but the Nic version and the Koepi version are two of the popular ones.

    it may be worth your time to get hold of both of those versions... and if one does not work correctly on your computer, uninstall it and try the other one. personally, i think XviD is an excellent format. but there are a few different ways to decode it, given the fact that they do not release an officially compiled version... so it can take a bit of tinkering to get it to play correctly.

    there are even more XviD-compatible filters available, such as ffdshow or 3ivx, but i'd only suggest those as a last ditch option.

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    Thanx for all the concern, guys!
    Although now I made a system restore i.e started from scratch w/o any codecs (duh.. well some do excist from scratch)
    And listen now, everybody with similar problems: ONLY install k-lite codec pack. At least that's my advice.
    Everything runs so perfectly now. Be sure to have wmp9 though.

    And again, I didnt think anyone would care about me. Thanks.


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