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Thread: Test Drive 6

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    does anyone have the test drive 6 purchase code for test drive 6? i downloaded the full version of the game but now its asking me for a purchase code. any help will be greatly appriciated.

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    I don't think you're allowed to ask for serials here, but are you sure you haven't downloaded a fake/false ?

    I actually bought the game way long ago but it didn't require any activation code whatsoever. I only needed a No-CD crack to play without the CD, which i got at

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    it wasn't a fake download. its the full version but to unloack the full version you need a purchase key. i tried astalavista and on google but no one has it.

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    Originally posted by Ynhockey@14 April 2003 - 15:33
    I don't think you're allowed to ask for serials here,
    You can ask, but do not post. If you want to help a member by providing one use PM or email, again not direct post. That's when the issues start. B)
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