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Thread: TiVo copy protection bug irks users

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    [news=] A bug in the latest version of TiVo's operating system has some users concerned that the service's content protection mechanisms--supposedly intended solely for pay-per-view and video-on-demand content--may someday be applied to broadcast television programming.

    According to PVRBlog, a blog about TiVo and other digital video recorder companies and technology, some TiVo customers recently found that a recorded episode of "The Simpsons" had been red-flagged for content protection.

    "When I selected the episode, I got a message to the effect that 'the copyright holder prohibited saving the episode past date mm/dd,'" the note on PVRblog from TiVo user Michael McKay said.

    The content protection McKay reported, a part of TiVo operating system version 7.2, comes from Macrovision and is intended to give content providers a way to ensure users do not maintain total control over programming. Generally, the technology can put limits on how long content can be saved, as well as whether it can be copied or otherwise manipulated.


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    I had a Tivo series 1 a couple of years ago, but I gave it up for my DVR that comes with Time Warners digital cable because I was sick of getting nickeled and dimed by Tivo. I had to send the thing in twice in 1.5 years (neither of which was covered by warranty). I could have bought the damned thing twice. It cost $99 dollars just to send it in! When I got rid of the Tivo almost 3 years ago, it was costing me $13.95/month for the service as well. Who knows what they're charging now. The DVR I have with Time Warner only costs me $6/month right now, and I can record two things at the same time unlike Tivo.

    I would think that a company selling a product like this would be fighting these sort of copyright things, but then again, it's Sony. They would just be battling themselves.

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    well DirecTivo (the DirecTV Satellite edition of Tivo) seems like a pretty good deal right now. DirecTV is giving away 70 hour DirectTivos to new customers and selling them to existing customers for $50, then the service is $6/month, with dual tuner/stream ability, and "free installation." i imagine that should include free installation of an extra line on existing accounts to enable the second tuner.

    the only things making me hesitate to get DirecTivo are 1) the home media & networking features are disabled and you hafta use hacks to enable them, and 2) DirecTV already plans to stop selling DirecTivos and start selling its own brand of DVRs (probably the same models used by Sky Satellite in the U.K.? since DirecTV & Sky are both Fox companies). so who knows for how long DirecTV will continue to provide schedule/recording service to DirecTivos. wouldn't really wanna buy a DirecTivo now if it's going to be useless after only one or two years. in fact that's prolly why they're giving the hardware away for free: trying to get rid of the DirecTivos before they rev up their marketing dept for a U.S.A. version of the Sky DVR.

    as for regular Tivo, i think it still costs about $13/month. Tivo might be going the way of the dodo bird soon if they don't come up with a new strategy & new product, 'cos other companies are pretty much catching up with 'em and passing 'em by (in terms of price vs. features & quality). getting dumped by DirecTV doesn't bode well for Tivo, either. if cable/satellite companies can do it better & cheaper, then what's Tivo got left to offer?

    ALSO: PC companies like HP seem to be finally getting a grip on designing "home theater" DVR PCs based on software like Windows Media Center. as far as getting it down to a reasonable size, noise-level, functionality, user-friendly interface & remote control, etc. i saw HP's latest one reviewed on Leo Laporte's "Call For Help" show on G4, and it actually looked pretty good. expensive as hell though, but then again it is a full-blown PC.
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    okay according to the latest Best Buy advertisement, they're now giving away DirecTivo to existing customers too. $100 - "$100 rebate" = free. i don't see it on the DirecTV website yet, but my guess is that they'll prolly be making the same offer soon on


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